Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Do You Need a UPS?

One of the most important parts of your business is your data.  Data that changes frequently represents the value and vulnerability of any business.  Losing that data due to power failures and fluctuations can seriously damage any business.

UPS systems provide the power protection and time required to allow you to save your data and close your applications gracefully.

UPS configured with Generator support can provide a complete long autonomy solution for your business critical systems and Lewis Electrical can provide you with a turn-key solution, from beginning to end, whatever the requirements are.

Things to Consider

When deciding whether to install a new UPS system or upgrade an existing one – the needs of your business are paramount.  Because of our extensive experience we are confident in claiming that every aspect of your UPS systems installation will be familiar to us.

From our initial site survey, through to sizing – we will help you make the right decision – through being informed about the possibilities available to you.

When  thinking about a UPS system you may be introduced to specific manufacturers.  Because we have over ten years of experience in this industry – specialising in UPS systems, Generators and Specialist Lighting, we are best placed to guide you through the ideal choice for your environment.

You may be familiar with manufacturers like Merlin Gerin, Leibert, Riello, APC, or Chloride.  Regardless of the manufacturer our independence in the market means you always get what is right for you.

Although we do a great amount of our work for Data Centres, Banks and Telecommunication Companies we are always available to help you out with your UPS installation – regardless of size.

If it is a UPS system you want then contact Lewis Electrical now – for independent impartial expert advice.

Because a great many companies are price conscious we always ensure that we remain extremely competitive while maintaining our exceptionally high standards in the installation of your systems.

Our Process

The process that we follow is rigorous. We always:

  • Discuss your requirements prior to engagement
  • Survey your site completely to enable a full and complete appraisal to be made
  • Establish the existing load drawn by your incumbent systems
  • Discuss and anticipate future loading
  • Discuss your level of protection required for your critical systems
  • Suggest a UPS configuration that matches your required level of protection
  • Evaluate the autonomy of your system – how long you need it to remain running
  • Identify whether there is an additional requirement for a Generator
  • Size your job based on all your requirements
  • Design the cable requirements for existing and future considerations
  • Determine the cost of the job
  • Agree a project plan that works around the critical nature of your business providing the maximum possible protection as soon as is possible
  • Implement the solution – expertly!

At Lewis Electrical when we think about UPS systems we are thinking about the integrity of your business critical systems